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Trinity People

Biographical details about Trinity's former staff, students or honorary graduates who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field or calling appear in national and international biographical dictionaries like the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, the Dictionary of Irish Biography and the Dictionary of Ulster Biography, or specialist Dictionaries such as the Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography. For example the Dictionary of Ulster Biography lists 264 such people, all with an Ulster connection. To access the list, select 'Search' on the top level menu, enter 'Trinity College' in the 'Body Text' box and click 'Search'.

There are many others who do not appear in such dictionaries who may be worthy of commemoration and this page is dedicated to them. The website Hidden Gems developed jointly by the Federation for Ulster Local Studies and the Federation of Local History Societies in the RoI, has, currently features three such individuals, listed below.

Members are encouraged to contribute to this page, which features individuals who have had some connection with college either as students, teachers or recipients of degrees/awards and who do not (perhaps yet) appear in biographical dictionaries.

Contributions should be e-mailed to the Secretary at the email address aside and headed Trinity People. If available please include a photo or sketch. Authorship will be acknowledged.

TCDANI gratefully acknowledges the help given by the Ulster History Circle and the Federation for Ulster Local Studies in allowing us to draw from their archives.

West, Richard Whatley
Finlay, Robert
Nicholls, Arthur Bell
Smith, Dr William