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The Trinity College Association of Northern Ireland was inaugurated in 1924. It is the oldest of all the Alumni Associations. It began, largely, as an after dinner association when graduates decided on forming a separate association following Partition.

The idea for such an association stemmed from a dinner organised by a "dinner committee" in 1923, following which it was proposed that a meeting be held on the 10th December 1924 to formally set up the Association.

A copy of the original minutes of that meeting and a menu of the First Formal Annual Dinner of the Association, held on the 14th December 1925, can be accessed by selecting 'About Us' from the Menu.

The current President of the Association is Professor Brian Walker; the Secretary is Mark Conlon and the Treasurer Mrs Eithne Ryan. The e-mail address of the Association is listed on the left and comments and contributions are welcome from Alumni of this Association and fellow members of Alumni Branches throughout the world.


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