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Speaking on television after the funeral of the late Cardinal, his sister-in-law, Mrs Deirdre Fee said -

...I remember about a year ago, he said to me - it was in no way prophetic, it had to do with somebody...who had died - he just said how nice it would be when a person died if all of those...who knew him would put their thoughts and all the little things he said to them and all that they knew about him on to a little slip of paper and sent it to the right person. Now, in this case, if any of you would feel like doing that, I would be just so happy - if the people with their story, which is so important to them, ...would send it to Dean McLarnon, who is now in charge of the situation... I really do believe that is what he would want, as an historian. It would be important to him...

As a result of this suggestion Dean McLarnon received many hundreds of tributes and recollections from the Cardinal's friends. A selection of 39 of these were published in a special edition of CREGGAN, the Journal of Creggan History Society, in 1991, dedicated to the Cardinals' memory. Extracts from a few of these tributes and recollections are reproduced here.