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This page provides a list of the publications available in the Centre

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Tomás Ó Fiaich's Letters from Louvain
Edited by Kevin McMahon

Letters, 1950 - 1952, from Tomás Ó Fiaich, St. Anthony's College. Louvain, to his father, Patrick Fee, Anamar

The Journal of the Creggan Local History Society 1985 - 2002

Most issues including the Cardinal Tómas Ó Fiaich Memorial Issue 1991
10 each
Tombstone Inscriptions of Creggan Parish
St. Patrick's Cemetery, Cullyhanna, Co Armagh

by Michael McShane 2002

Plan of graveyard, in five sections, with each identified gravestone transcribed and indexed. The headstone inscriptions are reproduced in so far as they are legible. There is infromation about placenames and historical notes about some of those interred here.

The Famine in Creggan Parish
by Mary Cumiskey 1998

A Dissertation produced towards an MA in Irish Studies, the book describes the conditions in the parish before the Famine, how the inadequate legislative and administrative arrangements available to cope with it performed, and its aftermath of assisted emigration. Finally there is record of some of the oral traditions of the area associated with the Famine.
Creggan - A Celtic Christian Site
by Geraldine Carville 1996

Using a unique and controversial dateing method involving astronomy, Dr. Carville, a historical geographer, determines that an old stone building in Creggan Churchyard may be an early christian site with tangible links with St. Jarlath, 3rd Archbishop of Armagh. Liberally sprinkled with maps, diagrams and photographs, the book describes some aspects of the early christian church, the life and times of St. Jarlath and the origin, community life and ultimate demise of the Ceile De (the Culdees).


Account of the Barony of The Upper Fews
in the County of Armagh

by John Donaldson-1838 (reprinted 1993)

Written by an experienced surveyor in the early part of the nineteenth century, Donaldson's detailed account of the topographical, agricultural, meteorological, ecclisiastical, educational, industrial, historical, social and other aspects of the Barony provides a unique and compelling overview of conditions in this part of Ireland more than twenty years before the Great Famine.


Guide to Creggan Church and Graveyard
by Kevin McMahon and Jem Murphy 1988

Plan of graveyard, in three sections, with each identified gravestone transcribed and indexed. The headstone inscriptions are reproduced in so far as they are legible. There is also additional material about some of those interred here. George Sigerson's translation of Art McCooey's poem "Úrchill and Chreagáin" is reproduced.

Lower Creggan
Edited by Hugh Macauley

The Story of a Parish 1795 to 1992. On the occasion of the Solemn Dedication and Re-Opening of St. Patrick's Church, Cullyhanna.

A Phobol Dé
Edited by Proinsias Déan Mac Giolla Earnáin S.P. and Anraí Mac Giolla Chomhaill

Short addresses by the late Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich edited from his own notes - those that have survived. These demonstrate the vast variety of the functions that he attended and addressed, and also his mastery of languages.

The O'Neills of the Fews
by Tomás Ó Fiaich

A detailed history of the O'Neills of the Fews from their conquest of the area c. 1480, through the loss of their land in the Cromwellian confiscations and the dispersals of 1654-55 to Connaught and to France and Spain, to the present day.