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Cardinal Basil Hume, Archbishop of Westminster

Extract, with the Society's permission, from an article in the 1991 Journal of The Creggan Local History Society

"I got to know Cardinal Tomas very well. We often met at meetings of European bishops, at Synods in Rome and on many other occasions. I always found him to be such excellent company. Wherever he was there was joy and laughter. I remember finding myself in St. Louis in the United States only to discover that Cardinal Tomas was also present on a different errand. I tracked him down and said: `We simply must meet and do something together'. So he and I attended a dinner in which I was supposed to be the guest of honour. His presence made all the difference to everyone's enjoyment.

I knew him too to be a man for whom his people meant everything. He was a true pastor and all his instincts were to serve the people he had been appointed to minister to as a bishop.

He carried his great learning lightly. I was always amazed at his knowledge and feel for history and especially the history of Ireland. And also his remarkable memory for faces and persons. It was not just a trick. It was also born of his gift for friendship. I really felt very sad when I learned of his death".

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