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This is an Action involving institutions concerned with Adult Education in six European States resulting from the Decision of the European Parliament and Council to establish the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007 - 2013.

The Institutions of the Partnership are:

  • Downe University of the Third Age in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland
  • Ada-und Theodor Volkshochschule de Hannover, Germany
  • La Universidad Senior de La Coruna, Spain
  • Centro territorial Permanente, Scandiano ,Italy
  • Kyronmaan Opisti, Laihia, Finland
  • FORAVE, Lousado, Portugal

The Aims and Objectives of this Action and the functions of the various organisations are described on this site.

The overall coordinator is William Devlin, Downe U3A

The official language of the project is English. This page and those describing the participating partners are available in the differing languages of the project. All others are in English.

A partnership project of participating educational bodies in Europe

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