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Our Book

"In the Shadow of the Tail of the Fox"

How it came about

Cover of bookBefore the formation of the society a number of like minded residents of the village of New Buildings came together in late 2000 with the help of the community centre and mentorship of Roy Hamilton, a local historian, to attempt to produce a book on the history of the area.

More than two years of intensive work followed and much help was received from a wide range of individuals and public bodies. From within the group many old photographs were sourced and copied. Memoirs of senior residents were recorded and transcribed. Research was carried out at PRONI in Belfast and WELB in Londonderry. Articles were accepted from many residents on various subjects and guidance was accepted from the Environmental and Community Association. Funding to assist with the publication of the book was received from the National Lottery and The Honourable The Irish Society.

In December 2002 our book entitled "In the Shadow of the Tail of the Fox" was published and put on sale at the launch in the Community Centre. The first run of 500 books was sold within one month. A second run has been produced and copies are still available at a cost of 15 (which includes P&P) by writing to the Secretary

The people involved The following members of the society have contributed in some way to the collection of material for the book and it's final production.

Rae Anthony............Dick Brennan........Noel Carruthers
Roy Hamilton...........Joan Hardon..........Paul Haslam
Roger McCorkell.......Dunn McCorkell....George McLaughlin
John Mitchell............Roy Orr................Florrie Outhwaite
Valerie Robinson......David Todd............Lexie Watson

The contents of the book

Archaeology and Early History by W Roulston
Plantation History by R Hamilton and K Neill
Salmon Fishing on the Foyle
Traffic on the Foyle
Emigration to North America
Did you know?
Prehen House and Mary Ann Knox
The County Donegal Railway
The Churches
Industry and Commerce
An Area Walk by Sam Mitchell
Words of Ulster Usage
Children at Play
Residents and Business c1920s to 1960s

How did the book get its title?

The title of the book derives from "Warbleshinny" which is the name of the townland which reaches the highest point of hill to the east of the village which overlooks (overshadows, particularly in the morning sun) New Buildings and the surrounding area.

The name "Warbleshinny" is the English translation for the Irish words "Earbelle Sionnaogh" meaning "Tail of the Fox" and the townland has that kind of shape.

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