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Glassdrummond School 1920s


The exact date of this photograph is uncertain - it appears to be in the earlier part of the decade.

Back Row from left:
Bernard Jeffers, Eddie Hearty, Peter Burke, John Conlon, Joe Begley, John Hearty, Jim Lavelle, Pat Conlon, James McCoy, Tom McKeown, John Agnew, Barney Trainor
3nd Row from left:
Tom Quinn, Tom McKeeven, John Quinn, Tom Kiernan, Harry Begley, Frank Callaghan, Frank Burke, Paddy Lavelle, Harry McElroy
2nd Row from left:
Paddy Mines, Pat Kiernan, Paddy Lavelle, John Lavelle, Leo McCann, Paddy McCoy, Mick Farrell, Pat McShane, Owen Burns
Front Row from left:
Willie Doolin, Kieran Doolin, Henry Murray, Paddy Murray, Eddie McElroy, Francie McElroy, Charlie McElroy

Photo courtesy Paddy Mines, Lurgancullenboy