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Tombstone Inscriptions of Creggan Parish
St. Patrick's Cemetery, Cullyhanna

The booklet was launched on 7th November 2002 at a meeting of the Society in the Cardinal Ó Fiaich Centre, Cullyhanna.

Described as "this beautiful book", by Mons. Réamonn Ó Muirí, Editor of Seanchas Ard Mhacha, it transcribes the inscriptions on the 481 tombstones erected in the cemetery from the earliest date of death (1843) to the end of June 2002.

The book is laid out in sections corresponding to the layout of the cemetery, with a summary of names and placenames at the end of each section together with historical notes about some of the people mentioned.

This page provides access to the Inroduction, the plan of the Cemetery, samples of the Inscriptions and a list of the Parish Priests since the formation of the Parish in 1795.

Information on price and how to obtain it is at Other Publications. For a short account of the launch of the booklet click HERE.