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Index of Articles

This is a list of the individual articles. indexed by name, author and journal edition. Where either the definite or indefinite article ('A', 'An' or 'The') is first in a title the second word is used to place it in the index; for example '(The) Cornonagh Evictions' will appear thus under the letter 'C'

Article Issue No. Author
75th Anniversary of St Bridgid's Church, Glasdrummond 13 Michael McShane
Agrarian disturbances around Crossmaglen 1835-1855 2 Kevin McMahon
Anamar National School: The early years 17 Kieran McConville
Around by the Gap of Mountnorris 17 Mary McCooey
(An) Article by the late Malachy A. Conlon M.P. 11 Michael McShane
Artificial Curiosities and Antiquities of the South Armagh Countryside 3 Michael McShane
Artificial Curiosities and Antiquities of the South Armagh Countryside 7 Michael McShane
Ballykeel - A Narrow Townland 8 Eugene McCann
Ban Donaldson - an Irish-American Connection 3 Ronald Ban Donaldson
Belmont Barracks 3 Kevin McMahon
(The) Book of Armagh 7 Michael McShane
Cal Mor 4 Kevin McMahon
(The) Cardinal's Family and School Days 5 Mary Cumiskey
Cardinal Patrick O'Donnell 14 Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich
(The) Cardinal who loved Clones - A Tribute 14 Joe McManus
Carnally (Cairn Eallaigh) - Townland and the Mass Rock 8 Michael McShane
Carnally House 2 Jem Murphy
Carricknagavna, a History of a Mountain Townland 7 Kevin Murphy
Centenary (St. Patrick's Church, Cullyhanna 6 Kevin McMahon
(The) Cornonagh Evictions 3 Len Gourd
(The) Cornonagh Evictions 9 Kevin McMahon
Cornonagh in 1901 10 Len Gourd
(The) Coulters of Silverbridge House 15 Mary Cumiskey
Creggan 1 Hugh Macauley
Creggan Churchyard 6 Gabriel Campbell
(The) Creggan Presbyterian Graveyard 10 Kevin McMahon
(The) Creggan Vestry in the 18th Century 3 TGF Paterson
Cregganduff's Original Girle School register 13 Michael McShane
Crossmaglen Before the Famine 1 John Fee
Crossmaglen Rangers 2 Con Mhic an Ghirr
Crossmaglen's Twin 1 Kevin McMahon
Cullaville 4 Con Mhic an Ghirr
(The) Cullyhanna Slander Case: The early GAA and the RIC 15 Kieran McConville
Dean Thomas Donaghy; born in the Townland of Lisleitrim, nr. Cullyhanna 15 Michael McShane
Dean Thomas Donaghy and Ned Kelly 17 Michael McShane
Dinner for a Landlord 11 Len Gould
(The) Disputed Painting 16 Kieran McConville
(The) Dorsey since Tempest's Description and some speculatoion 9 CJ Lynn
(The) Dorsey Ramparts 2 Michael McShane
Dramatic Events in Cullyhanna 1920-21 15 Eamonn O hUallachain
(The) Establishment of St Michael's Church, Newtownhamilton 16 Kieran McConville
Ecumenical Service in Creggan Church - 10 September 2000 10 Rt Rev. SG Poyntz
Ecumenical Service in Creggan Church - 9 September 2001 10 Rt, Rev. Gordon
Early Parish Priests of Lower Creggan 11 Michael McShane
Early 19th Century Disturbances in Creggan Parish 2 Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich
(The) Families of Annaghad in the Parish of Creggan 15 Mark Henry
(The) Famine in Creggan Parish - Extracts from Archives of the Society 7 Kevin McMahon
Father Patrick Gallagher, Uncle of Cardinal O Fiaich 14 Kieran McConville
Father Patrick Short 8 Reamonn O Muiri
(The) February 1918 By-Elaction in South Armagh 6 Siobhan McGuinness
Flax in August 2 Michael J. Duffy
(The) Flight of the Earls from Here to Rome 13 Eamonn O hUallachain
Folk Memories of the Famine 7 Mary Cumiskey
From Anamar to Lourdes 16 Michael McShane
From Glen to Glen - a Visit to Crossmaglen NSW 3 Frank Short
(The) Great Flu 14 Mary Cumiskey
He Died in Mountjoy Jail 13 Kevin McMahon
(The) Hirin' 1 Mary Cumiskey
(The) Hirin' 2 Mary Cumiskey
History in the Making - The First Ten Years 7 Michael McShane
In Search of the Eastwoods 7 Len Gourd
In Search of the Eastwoods 2 8 Len Gourd
(The) Island of Saints and Scholars: The Early Centuries 9 Sr Dr Evelyn Kenny
Introduction to Imeacht na nIarlai (from an article by Tomas O Fiaich) 14 Rory Kieran
Inscriptions: Freeduff Presbyterian Graveyard 10 Kevin McMahon and Michael McShane
Incidents, War of Independence, Creggan Parish 7 Kevin Mcmahon
Incidents, Civil War Period, Creggan Parish 11 Kevin McMahon
(The) Installing of a blue plaque in honour of Cardinal John Murphy Farley, a native of Newtownhamilton 17 Kieran McConville
Imeacht na hIarla / The Flight of the Earls 10 Reamonn O Muiri
Introduction to Imeach na nIarlai 14 Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich
John Hannon: A Forgotten Gaelic Collector and Scholar from Crossmaglen 17 Gearóid Trimble
John Mitchel - Profile of a Revolutionary 8 Dr Brigitt Anton
James Eastwood 1797 to 1865 13 Len Gourd
(The) Johnsons of the Fews 1 Kevin McMahon
(The) Lenaghan Fathers of Crossmaglen 10 Denis M. Hanratty Ph.D
(A) Look at Crossmaglen in the 1930s 6 Mary Cumiskey
(The) Loughross Gaelic Scholar Dr James Woods 3 Sean Duffy
Loyalism in the Fews 13 Michael McArdle
(The) Medieval Archaeology of Dungooly 15 Dr. Vanessa Ryan
Memorable Day for Lower Creggan Parish: 150th Anniversary of St Michael's Church Newtownhamilton 17 Michael McShane
Memories 4 Jem Murphy
Memories of Loyalty 4 Tony Kieran
Michael J. Murphy, "The Last Druid", 1913 to 1996 8 Kevin Murphy
Migration from Ulster to Co. Mayo 1795 to 1796 14 Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich
(The) Millionaire Murphy 8 Herbie Conlon
(The) Most Reverend John M. Farley 6 Liam O'Keefe
New Church at Glassdrummond 10 Seamus Murphy
(The) Night of the Big Wind 6 Rory Kieran
(The) North and Young Ireland 14 Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich
Obituary: Don Carlos O'Neill de la Cranja 17 Creggan Local History Society
Paddy Lennon: A Cullyhanna Man with the Boers 10 Kieran McConville
Phrases and Words in Irish 2 Con Mhic an Ghirr
Placenames of Creggan 6 Hugh Macauley
Poets and Scholars 1 Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich
(The) Potato and its Consequences in Ireland 7 Michael McShane
Potato Blight - What was the Cause? 7 Dr Alistair R. McCracken
(A) Precious Relic of Penal Times found in Urney Graveyard 13 Rory Kieran
Rev. Daniel Gun Brown 4 Rev. J. McMillan
Register of Anamar Boys National School Pupils 1865 - 1950 17 Michael McShane
Register of Crossmaglen (male) National School 1864 - 1902 16 Michael McShane
Remembering Art McCooey 6 Tony Kieran
(The) Restoration of Creggan Graveyard 6 Jem Murphy
Rural Deanery of Creggan 1798 3 Reamonn O Muiri
St Brigid's PS Reopened 1989 6 Tony Kieran
St Peter's Day A-Dawning: A Ballad 17 Michael McShane
Scutch Mills 3 Bernadette Miroudot
(The) Sinking of the SS Dundalk 15 Mary Cumiskey
Sir Thomas Jackson 4 Mary Cumiskey
(A) South Armagh Outlaw (Seamus Mor MacMurphy): 14 Michael McArdle and Michael McShane
Stone Monuments in the Slieve Gullion Area 4 DRM Weatherup
(A) Storied Rock in South Armagh 62 Michael McShane
(The) Story of a South Armagh Ballad 14 Hugh McVeigh
(A) Tale of Two Farms 16 Mary Cumiskey
Teer: A Townland in its Historic Setting 11 Kieran McConville
Tomas O Fiaich's Irish Press Interview, 1978 9 Kevim McMahon
(The) Thomas Prideaux Ball Rental 1840 16 Michael McShane
Thomas P. Ball Estate Rental for 1840: Carliss, Drumlougher, Monug, Drummuckavall and Sheetrim Townlands 17 Micheal McShane
(The) Thresher 13 Gerard McCann
Tribute to Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich 14 Canon Mark Diamond
(A) Tribute to Jem Murphy 7 Michael McShane
(A) Tribute to Jem Murphy 8 Kevin McMahon
Tribute to the late Canon Clarke 11 Kevin McMahon
Tribute to the late John Fee 13 Michael McShane
(The) Troubles, Creggan Parish 1969-2000. An outline Chronology 11 Kevin McMahon
Up the Hill 14 Mary Cumiskey
(The) United Irishmen in Creggan Parish 8 Kevin McMahon
What's in a Name? 1 Dr MJ yeats
"Youse the Bourkes?" 9 Mary Ann Bourne
You Heading for the Session? 16 Ciara Moley

Updated: 20 June 2017

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