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Federation For Ulster Local Studies

The Federation was set up in 1974 to promote and assist with the study and recording of the history, antiquities and folk-life of Ulster, to develop communication and co-operation between local historical groups and between these groups and relevant statutory and voluntary organisations.

Our Mission is to provide guidance, support and direction to those societies and individuals that are interested in exploring, recording and publishing the history and heritage of Ulster.

Our Vision is of a community in Ulster that is able to lay claim to, and have pride in, its heritage and history.

We aim to engage a wider section of the community in exploring and undestanding their local past and to develop and deliver a strong programme of activities in support of local studies.

Archives of Leuven

The City Archives is the memory of Leuven. We preserve the archives of the city administration, starting with the charters of the twelfth century. Besides these rich historical sources, several remarkable collections gives us a unique view of the past: local newspapers, pictures, postcards, maps and plans. All this valuable material makes 15 miles of archives.