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Armagh-Leuven Links is a Gruntvig Senior Volunteering project that supports volunteering projects between organisations located in two different countries. It enables senior volunteers (aged 50 and above) to work for an organisation in another European country for any kind of non-profit activity on any topic e.g. history, language, arts and culture etc. By so doing the organisations sending or hosting volunteers will create lasting European co-operation through the project.

Grundtvig is part of the European Commission’s new Lifelong Learning Programme that aims to strengthen the European dimension in adult education and lifelong learning across Europe through increasing participation and by making it more equitable. The Programme seeks to respond to a key educational challenge faced in Europe – namely an ageing population.

The participants in Armagh-Leuven Links are the Federation for Ulster Local Studies and The Archives of the City of Leuven. It is a two-year project running from 1 August 2011 to 31 July 2013. In addition to preparation activities and regular communications between participants each group will spend a period of three weeks in the other's country participating in a number of hands-on activities.

This website will report progress with the project, record outomes and provide a photographic record. Although officially it must remain accessible for a period of five years, it will be archived on the Federation's website and remain available in perpetuity.

The Action Coordinator is William Devlin (FULS) and the Leuven Coordinators are Inge Moris and Marika Cuenan (SAL).


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