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Defending the White House

The Abbey Historical Society was the idea of Shaun Henry Chairman of the Board of Governors of Monkstown Community School in Newtownabbey and was originally formed as the Coole History Group. At its first Annual General meeting in 1993 it changed its name to Abbey Historical Society and Shaun was elected its first Chairman with Derek Smyth as Secretary. Since then the group has gone from strength to strength with over 90 members in this its 18th anniversary year.

The Society's biggest project to date was the acquisition of Newtownabbey's oldest building - the White House - with the help of Ulster Garden Villages . When the building dating back to 1569 was acquired, it was being used as a Gospel Hall. In order to obtain funding the building which was in a very bad state of repair was in 2000 transferred to the Whitehouse Preservation Trust who for 10 years battled to retain the building from demolition. Finally through the determined work of the Trust's sub-group headed by Billy Webb , Ramond McIlwrath (project Manager) and Alister Bell, the restoration work began in 2008.

The White House which is solely owned and operated by the Whitehouse Preservation Trust is now opened to the Public.

Many of the Abbey Historical members are volunteers at the Bawn and the Society meet there. See the Events Page for details.

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